Your First Visit

When attending Physical Therapy for the first time, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow for the check-in process.  In addition, you will be asked to provide:  Your current insurance card (or copy); a prescription from your doctor indicating the need for physical therapy; and any co-payments that may be due at the time of service.  You should wear (or bring with you) comfortable clothing that will allow the physical therapist to examine the region(s) of the body you are seeking treatment for.

Your first appointment will consist of an initial examination performed by a physical therapist.  During the examination your physical therapist will take a history regarding your current condition, a past medical history, and discuss your goals for treatment.  They may perform specific tests and measures such as range of motion, strength testing, and functional tasks that will help establish a diagnosis and plan of care.  Your physical therapist will then recommend a specific frequency and duration for you to attend physical therapy.  You will always have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss examination findings to ensure that you are comfortable and completely understand your plan of care.  You will be prescribed certain exercises and/or other interventions to perform at home as part of your treatment.  The physical therapist will also send an initial examination summary to your referring doctor to ensure they are aware of your current treatment.  Upon completion of your first visit, follow up visits will be scheduled based upon your plan of care.

The UConn Health Nayden Rehabilitation Clinic is also a teaching facility.  There may be graduate students in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program observing and participating in treatment under the supervision of a physical therapist.  As a patient you will always have the right to decline student participation.